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About Nordic Rotors

What is Nordic Rotors?

Nordic Rotors is a Swedish website aimed to provide an objective view of the regional helicopter business in a way. No matter what you are looking for we intend to have something that suits your need.

A fresh start

The new version of Nordic Rotors is a collaborative portal where anybody can add, improve, complete or update content to enrich the available information for the visitors. We have created something that we’d like to call a semi-wiki website - everybody can edit information, but all changes will be validated by us before they get published. The validation process is there to ensure quality, reliability and security in the material that goes online.

Behind the scenes

The Nordic Rotors website is administered by Rickard Gillberg and Mattias Axelsson, assisted by a validating crew. The key feature in our editors is that they are highly neutral in the business, no matter where they work and which background they have. It's a matter of trust, and we want you to trust us. The website is owned by the company Nordic Rotors, which is responsible for the advertisement here.

Nordic Rotors' history

Nordic Rotors was founded by Rickard Gillberg back in 1998. The website, which was known as “Rickard’s Helicopter Pages”, had its roots in a private homepage that came online in 1996. Rickard knew nothing, had no contacts and was getting pretty frustrated about the lack of information, so he decided to collect all the knowledge he gathered and merge it all into an online resource. The idea was to get to know the business, experience its operations and to spread the word.

The website was unique at its time – the most of the companies had no homepages of their own and internet was still short of information. Rickard’s Helicopter Pages grew popular and more companies wanted to have their profiles published.

As the international interest grew the website was renamed to Nordic Rotors in January of 2001. With a recently published registry, lots of facts and a wide rage of images the website soon became one of the largest in its class in northern Europe.

Nordic Rotors was manually updated on a daily basis until early-2007, when Rickard had to focus in work and studies. The website was left online, but in a frozen state, for roughly four years before the new version of Nordic Rotors was published in 2010.

Mattias Axelsson joined Nordic Rotors in 2009. He was a key aspect in the revitalisation of the website. A tremendous work was initiated and all the data was transferred into an extensive database. A whole new framework was manufactured and the graphics were significantly changed. The site was converted to a semi-wiki website, where pretty much all the information could be edited by the visitors after going through a validation process.

The new version of Nordic Rotors was published in 2021, roughly 23 years after the original version came online.