Good results for AS350 Maximum Pilot Visibility Kit

By Nordic Rotors on Apr 13, 2017
In total, this kit was the third one to be fitted to an airworthy helicopter worldwide, including the prototype, and it was followed by two installations for the Norwegian operator Nord Helikopter in mid-March.

The modification offers improved features to AS 350/H125 type helicopters in the utility sling-load role, including a 350 % enlarged floor window and a large bubble door, which improves safety, efficiency and pilot comfort – giving the helicopter a superior “Lama-like” field of view according to the manufacturer. The kit got its EASA Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) in December 2016, and it is currently undergoing validation processes with FAA, TCCA and ANAC.

Stockholms Helikoptertjänst has used its kit in its daily external load operations for several weeks now, and the company’s CEO states that it performed even better than expected – taking the AS 350 to a new level when it comes to high-precision sling-load operations.

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