Manufactured year 1959
Call sign F7-92
Serial number 1279

Registration history

02406 (? - Now)
SE-HDE (? - Now)
02202 (? - Now)

Type history

Sud SE.3130 Alouette II

Operator history

Swedish Air Force (? - Now)


This aircraft was constructed in 1959 and entered service with the Army the same year. It was initially stationed at the Boden base.

The aircraft was a part of the Svalbard expedition in 1966, for which it got a temporary civil registration (SE-HDE).

It was eventually transferred the Air Force as 02406 as the Army replaced the HKP 2s with the HKP 6 Jet Ranger in the late-60s.

The aircraft was stationed at the F7 Såtenäs Air Force Base in Lidköping. It was used as a local rescue helicopter and listened to the callsign G-92.

The fleet of HKP 2s was retired by the Air Force in 1987. This aircraft was donated to the Swedish Air Force Museum in November 1986, after roughly 1000 hours in the air. It is now a part of the museum's excellent exhibition in Linköping.