Manufactured year 1969
Call sign -
Serial number 89-0439

Registration history

SE-HCL (? - Now)

Type history

Hughes 269B

Operator history

AB Nordflyg (? - Now)
Nord-Flyg AB (? - Now)


This helicopter was constructed in 1969, imported to Sweden in early-1971, and registered SE-HCL in April 1971. It was purchased by the large and well established powerline inspection helicopter company Nordflyg AB. However, within a month, on 19 May an engine failure struck the brand new helicopter during a photographic flight and it subsequently crashed. Fortunately, as in a miracle, both crewmembers survived and managed to walk away from the accident without any injuries.

This story could be read in a newspaper the day after the accident:

Two people miracle-saved in helicopter accident at Tuna
Wednesday two people survived as in a miracle after a helicopter accident in Tuna. It was a helicopter belonging to Nordflyg in Eskilstuna that suddenly, due to currently unknown reasons, lost altitude and struck the ground during a photographic flight. The machine was destroyed as both on board survived without injuries. An accident investigation has been initiated and it will visit the location during the day.
The accident occurred moments past 13 in the afternoon. The photographer was photographing farms in the Flohult area as the machine suddenly experienced an engine failure. The pilot had not a chance to re-start the engine of the helicopter, which consequently lost altitude and fell towards the ground.