Manufactured year 2005
Call sign -
Serial number 3903

Registration history

SE-HJZ (? - Now)
G-HAVI (? - Now)
SE-HJZ (? - Now)
RA-04034 (? - Now)
UN-E3010 (? - Now)
RF-14010 (? - Now)
F-WQDD (? - Now)

Type history

Eurocopter EC 130 B4

Operator history

Skärgårdsgruppen i Stockholm AB (? - Now)
Private owner (? - Now)


This aircraft was registered into the Swedish registry a couple of days prior to Christmas 2009 and left the registry three months later - in late February 2010 - as it was purchased by a private owner in the UK.

The 300-hour helicopter was purchased by a private Swedish owner in the Stockholm region around Christmas 2014. It came to Sweden shortly thereafter.

G-HAVI was accepted into the Swedish register, again, as SE-HJZ in January 2016.