Manufactured year 2015
Call sign -
Serial number 8083

Registration history

SE-JOI (? - Now)

Type history

Airbus Helicopters H125 Ecureuil (AS 350 B3e)

Operator history

Scandair Helicopter (? - Now)
Scandair Helicopter AB (? - Now)


This aircraft was constructed by Airbus Helicopters in 2015. It was imported to Sweden through the Airbus dealer Savback Helicopters in late April the same year.

The helicopter, which was imported together with SE-JOF, is owned and operated by Scandair Helicopter, which uses the aircraft for agricultural operations, like spraying limestone, ash and fertilizers.

The helicopter was sold to China in June 2017. Two new H125s (SE-JVT and SE-JVU) had been added to Scandair's fleet prior to selling SE-JOI. SE-JVS, another H125, was sold a few months earlier.