Manufactured year 2006
Call sign -
Serial number 11407

Registration history

SE-JPZ (? - Now)
G-NYLE (? - Now)

Type history

Robinson R44 Raven II

Operator history

Jämtlands Flyg AB (? - Now)
Jämtlands Flyg (? - Now)


This aircraft was constructed in 2006 and spent its first years in the UK. It was purchased by Jämtlands Helikopter AB in the spring of 2010 and soon entered service with Jämtlands Flyg.

Accident in Norway
A Swedish Robinson R44 Raven II (SE-JPZ) was conducting a reindeer herding between an area south of Mosjøen and Sjåmoen in northern Norway on 11 January 2012. Shortly after 17:00 people on the ground heard a distinctive bang, followed by silence. The helicopter had struck the ground with a high rate of descent and at a steep bank angle to the left. The two people on board, an experienced 62-year-old Swedish pilot and a local Norwegian reindeer keeper, were killed at the moment of Impact.
The Accident Investigation Board of Norway states that it is likely that the pilot lost control of the helicopter due to loss of visual references. Heavy showers of snow were reported nearby, and darkness prevailed.