Manufactured year 1969
Call sign -
Serial number 109-0203S

Registration history

SE-HFO (? - Now)
LN-OQN (? - Now)
D-HNNN (? - Now)
LN-OQI (? - Now)

Type history

Hughes 369C

Operator history

Ove Walther Flygservice KB (? - Now)
Mora Helikopter (? - Now)
Östersunds Flygservice AB (? - Now)
Private owner (? - Now)
Fjällflygarna AB (? - Now)


This helicopter was constructed in 1969 and had a history in Norway and Germany before it was purchased by Swedish Mora Helikopter in 1976. Nearly two years later SAAB-Scania AB purchased the machine and soon sold it to Östersunds Flygservice, which returned it to SAAB within 8 months. SAAB then sold it to Fjällflygarna i Arjeplog AB which operated the machine in 8 years. The next owner, Ove Walther Flygservice KB operated the machine in four years before it was exported to the UK in 1994.