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Established year 1982




Air Taxi External Load Filming Power Line Mustering


Aerial Work EASA OPS


Fjällflygarna is a company based in the village of Adolfström, west/north-west of Arjeplog, in northen Sweden. The name Fjällflygarna means Mountain Flyers in Swedish. The company often fly missions for the Laplanders helping them to collect their reindeers. During summer and autumn fishermen and hunters are frequently transported into the mountains. Tourists who want to experience the beautiful area can be lifted to the top of a nearby mountain and then have a 4 hour walk back to the civilization.
In the winter Fjällflygarna often have a helicopter based in the southern part of Sweden dedicated to power line inspections.


Fjällflygarna was established in 1982 by two local pilots. Operations started with a Bell 47 G2 and later a Cessna 185 on floats. The Bell 47 was soon replaced by a Hughes 500 C followed by 500 D and E models. During a short while in 1996 and 1997 a Schweizer 330 was rented by SAAB Helicopter and operated for reindeer mustering. The Cessna 185-activities was retired in 1998. At this time the company operated two Hughes 500. In 2002 Fjälllfygarna purchased a brand new Eurocopter EC 120B, replacing one of the 500s. Year 2006 the last Hughes 500 was sold and replaced by a Bell 206B3. Today the company is administered by one of the founding pilots and his family.

The company added a second Colibri to its existing fleet of one Colibri and two Jet Rangers in August 2014.

Current Fleet