Manufactured year 1980
Call sign -
Serial number 120-0879D

Registration history

SE-HLI (? - Now)

Type history

Hughes 369D

Operator history

Malmskogens Helikopterleasing AB (? - Now)
BNC Heli AB (? - Now)
Heliflyg AB (? - Now)
Fjällflygarna AB (? - Now)
Sterner Aero AB (? - Now)
Stockholms Helikoptertjänst AB (? - Now)
Heli AB (? - Now)
Helitrans AS (? - Now)


This helicopter was constructed in 1980 and imported to Sweden by the Linköping based Hughes dealer SAAB-Scania AB in early-1981. The dealer sold the aircraft to Borlänge based Sterner Aero AB in October the same year.

Two years later Hyr-Flyg G Phil AB acquired the helicopter. Hyr-Flyg later transitioned into Heliflyg Nordic AB, which became Heli AB in 1987. As Heli AB purchased Sterner Aero on 4 July 1988, a the new company Heliflyg AB was formed. The operations were gradually transferred to Heliflyg, and SE-HLI was officially handed over to Heliflyg in April 1994.

The helicopter was used for all kind of aerial works throughout large parts of Sweden, with focus in sawing operations.

In the summer of 2000 Osterman Helicopter's owner Scandinavian Helicopter Group acquired the company Heliflyg AB and united the two companies, which made them the largest helicopter operator in Sweden. SE-HLI was sold to the experienced Hughes 500 operator Skyline Helikopter AB at the same time as the deal became official.

The aircraft was operated by Skyline for a while, but was soon sold to Malmskogens Helkopterleasing AB - which leased the helicopters to various operators.

In August 2004 the company Fjällflygarna AB lost its Hughes 500, SE-HSI, in an accident Mt Ammarfjället, in south-western Lappland. The company needed a new Hughes 500 in order to support the company's sole Colibri helicopter, why SE-HLI was leased. The helicopter was purchased by Fjällflygarna in February 2005.

SE-HLI was replaced by a Jet Ranger in mid-2006. It was sold to Malmskogens Helikopterleasing AB in September 2006, and was soon leased by Stockholms Helikoptertjänst for a short period of time during the autumn of 2006. The aircraft was used for power line documentation operations together with SHT's MD500E SE-JGB.

SE-HLI was operated by BNC Heli AB in 2006-2007. It was mainly used for mast mounting operations.

The helicopter was sold to USA in June 2007.