Manufactured year 1981
Call sign -
Serial number 61-0986D

Registration history

SE-HLP (? - Now)

Type history

Hughes 369D

Operator history

Flygtjänst o Helikoptertransport i Sverige AB (? - Now)
Heliflyg AB (? - Now)
AB Flygtjänst F.J. Viklund (? - Now)
Private owner (? - Now)
Heliflyg (? - Now)
Flygtjänst (? - Now)


This aircraft was manufactured in 1981 and was imported to Sweden by SAAB-Scania AB the same year. It entered service with the Kiruna based company Fjällflyg i Kiruna AB in 1982 and served with the company for five years before it was incorporated in Heli AB's fleet in 1987.
It entered service with Sterner Aero AB in 1989, and became a member of the Heliflyg fleet the next year, as Sterner became a part of Heliflyg AB.

The helicopter was purchased by Vilhelmina based Flygtjänst AB in 2001. It was repainted into a viper blue pearl color in 2002-2003. SE-HLP was used in a wide range of operations, including heliski, mast mountings, reindeer herding, fire fighting, taxi and so on.

The helicopter was involved in an accident during a reindeer herding at Hardangsfjället, northern Norway, on April 18, 2007. The pilot, which was the sole occupant, survived the accident, but the helicopter was badly damaged. The accident was triggered when the tail rotor hit the side of a mountain. The severed aircraft was maneuvered into the rugged mountain to prevent it from tumbling down a very steep slope.

The wreckage was stored in Vilhelmina for a few years, but following HeliAir Sweden's acquisition of Flygtjänst the airframe was moved to Västerås. It was sold to a private French owner in the spring of 2012.