Manufactured year 2007
Call sign -
Serial number 11904

Registration history

SE-JYK (? - Now)
G-DIGG (? - Now)

Type history

Robinson R44 Raven II

Operator history

Scandinavian Helicopter Center (? - Now)
Private owner (? - Now)


This helicopter was constructed at Robinson Helicopter's plant in California in 2007, and it was imported to the United Kingdom as G-DIGG shortly thereafter (privately owned).

The helicopter was imported to Sweden by Scandinavian Helicopter Center in March 2016, shortly after the arrival of SE-JYL. It was included in the company's flight school in Västerås.

In July 2016 Helicenter opened a partnership with the helicopter company Jämtlands Flyg. Several R44s belonging to Helicenter, including SE-JYK, were added to Jämtlands Flyg's fleet in order to facilitate commercial helicopter operations parallel to the flight training.

SE-JYK was exported to Ukraine in July 2017. It was flown to Kharkiv, eastern Ukraine, together with a second R44 from Helicenter.