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Established year 2020




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Scandinavian Helicopter Center is a flight school located at Stockholm-Västerås Airport. The company offers PPL(H), CPL(H) and type rating programmes through a close partnership with Scandinavian Aviation Academy (SAA). It is also working closely together with Jämtlands Flyg in order to facilitate commercial helicopter operations.

Scandinavian Helicopter Center ('Helicenter') was earlier known by the name iTell Helicopters prior to the name was changed through an official launch on 18 October 2014.

Robinson Helicopter DealerHelicenter is a Swedish Robinson Helicopter Company dealer, and it offers the full product range (R22, R44 and R66). The company is a pre-owned helicopter broker as well.


iTell Helicopters was established in the autumn of 2009. Its main base was placed at Hässlö Airport in Västerås, and its main line of business was private pilot training on an R44 (SE-JJT).

The company soon teamed up with Copterflyg (later STORM Heliworks), which was responsible for iTell's commercial helicopter operations. This added jobs like air taxi, photo flights and census operations to its portfolio.

iTell opened a partnership with Scandinavian Aviation Academy (SAA) in 2009 in order to facilitate commercial pilot training (CPL) and type rating programmes.

In January 2014 the company, through SAA, was awarded a government contract for two classes of 10 civil helicopter pilots each. After acceptance to the two-year 400-point higher vocational education programme, the pilots will gain a full ATPL(H)IR theory and a CPL(H) license with 135 flight hours each. The classes are funded by the Swedish National Agency for Higher Vocational Education. The training will start in early 2015.

iTell opened a partnership with AH Flight Academy (owned by Arlanda Helicopter) for instrument training in mid 2014. AH Flight School's IFR simulator and a Jet Ranger (SE-HKP) was moved to Västerås.

Later the same year the company got a new owner, and iTell was soon re-branded Scandinavian Helicopter Center. The new structure was inaugurated through an open-day arrangement at the base in Västerås on 18 October 2014.

In 2016 the flight operations partnership with STORM Heliworks was gradually ended, and so was the training collaboration with AH Flight School as well. "Helicenter" decided to focus on its core business together with its close associate Scandinavian Aviation Academy.

In July 2016 Helicenter opened a partnership with the helicopter company Jämtlands Flyg. Several R44s belonging to Helicenter were added to Jämtlands Flyg's fleet in order to facilitate commercial helicopter operations.

In 2018 Helicenter added an EC120B Colibri (SE-JOZ) acquired from Jämtlands Flyg AB. The partnership with Jämtlands Flyg was eventually cancelled as Jämtlands Flyg closed its operations in mid March 2019.

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