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Aerial Work


Laroy Flyg is focused in agricultural operations with a fleet of Ecureuil helicopters. The company has its main base at the airport in Landskrona, but it operates all over southern Sweden. Its main activity is lime-wash operations, but it also offers sling-load jobs and various operations.

Laroy Flyg is a subsidiary to Scandinavian Helicopter Group (SHG), which is specialized in leasing, selling and operating helicopters.


Laroy Flyg (1) was originally founded by Laroy Månsson in 1976 after buying the flight operations from Gullviks Jordbruksflyg (est. 1952). The company grew and peaked with a fleet of approx 30 airplanes and several helicopters. The activity, which got fully focused in helicopters, was purchased by Osterman Helicopter AB in 1988. Laroy's son, Leif Månsson, eventually bought back the name Laroy Flyg and the hangar in Landskrona from Osterman.

The revival process was initiated in 2003 and in January of 2004 the company took off with two brand new Ecureuils – SE-JHD and SE-JHE - and a new contract with the limewash company Nordkalk AB.

In September 2012 the well-known company Osterman Helicopter i Östersund AB went bankrupt. This company was the remaining pieces of the original operator that once acquired Laroy Flyg (1) in 1988. The well-known trademark "Osterman Helicopter" was now acquired by Laroy Flyg's owner Scandinavian Helicopter Group.

Laroy Flyg (2) was a sister company to the air-ambulance company Norrlandsflyg Ambulans and the sales company Osterman Helicopter (operated by Stockholms Helikoptertjänst since early 2014). Norrlandsflyg Ambulans was retired in 2015, and its operation was inherited by Svensk Luftambulans.

The sister company Osterman Helicopter became successful over the years, and in September 2016 it switched operator from Stockholms Helikoptertjänst to STORM Heliworks.

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