Manufactured year 1981
Call sign -
Serial number 760219

Registration history

SE-JUC (? - Now)
N18KH (? - Now)
G-OAUS (? - Now)
N3122M (? - Now)

Type history

Sikorsky S-76A

Operator history

SMA Helicopter Rescue (? - Now)
Norrlandsflyg (? - Now)
Air Hanson (? - Now)
Norrlandsflyg AB (? - Now)
Nordic Aviation Technology Centre (? - Now)


SE-JUC was constructed by Sikorsky back in 1981. It was imported to Sweden in 2002 and came to serve as EMS helicopter in Gothenburg between 2002-2010. The helicopter was retired and ended up as a technical trainer at the Nordic Aviation Technology Centre in Luleå.

In order to establish a new HEMS activity in the Gothenburg area the local council in Västra Götaland signed a contract with the operator Norrlandsflyg AB by the end of June 2001. Norrlandsflyg already operated ambulance helicopters on two different locations in Sweden (Gällivare and Uppsala) and the company was well experienced in operation. The critical EMS evacuations in Gothenburg had earlier been covered by the Swedish Police Wing and the Armed Forces' rescue helicopter.

An English Sikorsky S-76A, G-OAUS, was purchased from Lynton Aviation Aircraft Sales and shipped to the US for EMS modifications. As always when it comes to EMS interior, Norrlandsflyg gave the American company Keystone Helicopter Corporation the task. Pennsylvania based Keystone Helicopter Corporation registered the helicopter as N18KH on 17 October 2001. The registration was canceled on 22 February 2002. At that time the EMS activity in Gothenburg was already active. Norrlandsflyg had put its backup helicopter (SE-JEZ) in service in Gothenburg from the start on 14 January 2002.

Arriving in Sweden
At 13:00 hours LMT on 21 February 2002 Norrlandsflygs new helicopter arrived to Säve. A few weeks later, after the assembly and some modifications, the aircraft was registered SE-JUC and commenced its role as an emergency medical service helicopter in Gothenburg.

SE-JUC, also known as "Super Chicken", was stationed in an own hangar on the military side of Säve airport, north of Gothenburg. Its first years in the region were very successful, and the EMS helicopter was there to stay. The helicopter was later moved to a newly built permanent hangar at the civil side of the airport, next to the Swedish Police Wing's air station.

SE-JUC was replaced by a newly imported S-76C+ (SE-JUX) in March 2010. SE-JUC was assigned the duty as a backup EMS helicopter.

SMA Helicopter Rescue
On 1 November 2011 the Swedish Maritime Administration acquired all the stocks in Norrlandsflyg's parent company Scandinavian Helicopter Invest (SHI). The new helicopter division was named SMA Helicopter Rescue, which became a
subsidiary to Sjöfartsverket Holding (administered by the Swedish Maritime Administration). All the SAR helicopters were included in the deal. The purchase also involved SE-JUC and SE-JEZ. The EMS service in Gothenburg was maintained by the company Norrlandsflyg Ambulans, and SE-JUC was replaced by SE-JUS in the role as a backup EMS helicopter.

SE-JUC's airworthiness expired in March 2012 and the helicopter was canceled from the Swedish registry in November 2013. The airframe was donated to the Nordic Aviation Technology Centre (technical school) in Luleå. It was transported to Kallax Airport from Gothenburg in 2013. The school came to use the helicopter as a technical trainer together with the S-76 SE-JEZ.