Manufactured year 1991
Call sign -
Serial number 6405

Registration history

LN-OLE (? - Now)
VT-CKR (? - Now)
F-WQDZ (? - Now)
F-WQDK (? - Now)
F-WQDG (? - Now)
JA6671 (? - Now)

Type history

Aérospatiale AS 365 N2 Dauphin

Operator history

Lufttransport AS (? - Now)
Scandinavian MediCopter (? - Now)


This 1991 Dauphin has spent time in Japan, France and India prior to reaching Norway ten years later.

The aircraft was operated as EMS helicopter at the Brønnøysund station by Lufttransport AS for Luftambulansetjenesten ANS. It was replaced by an AW139 in 2008, but it remained in Lufttransport's fleet.

LN-OLE was leased to the Swedish company Scandinavian MediCopter from 2009. The helicopter was engaged as a backup EMS helicopter at MediCopter's bases throughout Scandinavia. It was primarily used to cover for the EMS helicopter in Rovaniemi, Finland. The Rovaniemi later switched to an Airbus H145 (SE-JRG).