Manufactured year 1984
Call sign -
Serial number 518914104

Registration history

LY-HCS (? - Now)
HA-BGP (? - Now)
8914(HA) (? - Now)

Type history

PZL Swidnik Mil Mi-2

Operator history

Private owner (? - Now)


This aircraft left the PZL Swidnik factory in Poland back in October of 1984. It was personalized as a transport helicopter and was unit 14 in construction batch 89. It came to be used by the Hungarian Air Force as 8914, based in Börgönd and later in Szolnok. It was registered HA-BGP in 2001 and was used by the local police for a while.

HA-BGP was privatly imported to Sweden in early-2002. The registration was changed to LY-HCS a couple of years later. It was based at Vassunda airfield in Uppsala.

Unfortunately, on 21st of June 2005 the aircraft was destroyed in a fatal crash in Heby, moments east of Sala. The helicopter struck a street lamp and crashed while attempting to take off from an old people's home in Heby city. Six people were on board and one of them, a 100 years old man who got the flight as a birthday gift, died at the hospital a few days later.