Manufactured year 1947
Call sign -
Serial number 24

Registration history

SE-HAB (? - Now)
NC104B (? - Now)

Type history

Bell 47B/D-1
Bell 47D-1

Operator history

Ostermans Aero AB (? - Now)
Boliden Gruv (? - Now)


SE-HAB was ordered by Ostermans Aero in 1946, manufactured in 1947, and brought to Sweden by boat to Gothenburg the same year. It was in fact the third helicopter ever registered in the country (after SE-HAA and SE-HAC).

On June 18, 1947, Ostermans Aero's pilot Nils Olof Sefeldt made the third indoor flight in the world during a display of SE-HAB inside Gothenburg's Trade Fair.

In June 1948 the mining company Boliden Gruv AB made the first helicopter customer to Ostermans Aero by purchasing SE-HAB for ore prospecting in northern Sweden. The helicopter was equipped with a special instrument that registered areas with large amounts of ore when flying over them. SE-HAB was used in almost five years before it was sold back to Ostermans Aero.

Ostermans converted it to a D-1 version, but unfortunately it was soon destroyed in a crash in Lysekil on July 28, 1954 (the third helicopter accident in Sweden).