Manufactured year 1991
Call sign Lifeguard 908
Serial number 760377

Registration history

SE-HAV (? - Now)
N50KH (? - Now)
N803S (? - Now)
N803SC (? - Now)
VP-CHC (? - Now)
G-BXGR (? - Now)
I-PRLT (? - Now)
N62375 (? - Now)

Type history

Sikorsky S-76C+
Sikorsky S-76C

Operator history

Swedish Maritime Administration (? - Now)
Norrlandsflyg AB (? - Now)
Spei Leasing Spa (? - Now)
Norrlandsflyg (? - Now)


This helicopter was constructed by Sikorsky Aircraft as a C-model back in 1991 - destined for a costumer in Japan (reg. JA6692). It later found its way to Italy via America (reg. N62375). Owned by Spei Leasing and operated by Eli Air the aircraft spent a few years as I-PRLT before it was sold to Cayman Islands via UK-based Williams Grand Prix Engineering in 1997. After a period as VIP helicopter with an official Cayman Islands registration (VP-CHC) it was sold to the north-eastern parts of USA.

As Norrlandsflyg lost its ordinary SAR helicopter in Visby (SE-JUJ) a replacement helicopter had to be found rapidly. The German D-HOSB was temporary leased from Wiking Helikopter Service GmbH while searching for an avaliable machine. The American VIP helicopter N803S was found. It was currently operated by Boston-based Super Vip and owned by Sabrina Fisheries Corp. The low-time S-76C aircraft was purchased by Norrlandsflyg and was soon transported to American Keystone Helicopter Corporation for SAR modifications.

SE-HAV was delivered to Luxembourg in a Boeing 747 on 22 March 2005 and was instantly assembled. It was flown to its new base in Visby the next day and spent a week for final adjustments. The helicopter with the suitable registration SE-HAV ("hav" means sea in Swedish) entered SAR service at approx 15:00 on 5 April and made its first mission at 22:35 the same day.

"Lifeguard 997" (later 907) served the Baltic Sea for nearly four years before it was replaced by a brand new S-76C++ (SE-JOB) in early-2009. Upon its retirement SE-HAV was initially meant to be modified to an EMS helicopter in order to serve the retiring EMS helicopter SE-JUC in Gothenburg. SE-HAV was sent to Keystone in the US for EMS and C+ modifications in 2009, but the EMS conversions were canceled as a new replacement helicopter for Gothenburg had been found (SE-JUX). The C+ conversion was performed and SE-HAV returned to Sweden as a more powerful SAR helicopter. The callsign was changed to Lifeguard 908.

The helicopter entered service as a backup rescue helicopter together with the retired Sundsvall helicopter SE-JUY (both replacing the S-76A++ SE-JUZ).

On 1 November 2011 the Swedish Maritime Administration acquired all the stocks in Norrlandsflyg's parent company Scandinavian Helicopter Invest (SHI). The new helicopter division was named SMA Helicopter Rescue, which became a
subsidiary to Sjöfartsverket Holding (administered by the Swedish Maritime Administration). All the SAR helicopters were included in the deal. The purchase also involved the EMS helicopters SE-JUC and SE-JEZ.

SMA Helicopter Rescue was formally incorporated in the Swedish Maritime Administration on 22 January 2014.

Aeroseum Aviation Museum
Following a long period for sale, SE-HAV was towed to the massive aviation museum Aeroseum's exhibition in the mountain hangar at Säve Airport on 6 November 2018.