Manufactured year 1979
Call sign -
Serial number 45321

Registration history

SE-HKC (? - Now)

Type history

Bell 206L-1 Long Ranger II

Operator history

HeliNord Norden (? - Now)
Lapplandsflyg AB (? - Now)
Lapplandsflyg (? - Now)
HeliNord (? - Now)


This helicopter was constructed in 1979. It was imported to Sweden in early 1980 and entered service with Bertil Johansson's company "Flygtransporter" in Kvikkjokk. The ownership was later changed to Lapplandsflyg Lap-Air AB.

SE-HKC was used in Lapplandsflyg's all-Bell fleet and it operated in large parts of the mountain world in the summers. The aircraft was used for various operations, including shuttle traffic and tourism.

In April 2012 Lapplandsflyg announced its retirement after 59 years in service. Upon its retirement Lapplandsflyg was the oldest existing helicopter company in Sweden. Its operations were terminated in the early summer of 2012. At the time of its retirement Lapplandsflyg operated five helicopters - three Jet Rangers and two Long Rangers.

SE-HKC was offered for sale, with only 4326 hours on the airframe.

The helicopter was purchased by HeliNord Norden AB in February 2013. It got engaged in heliski operations at Kittelfjäll Ski Resort the same winter. The helicopter's original Lapplandsflyg logos were kept as a remnant of the company's genuine history in the Swedish helicopter industry and in honor of the late Bertil Johansson and his family.

SE-HKC was used for various operations, including tourism, taxi and plant setting. It was accompanied by a second Long Ranger, SE-HZB in December 2013.

SE-HKC went through a total makeover in Umeå in February 2014. It was given a brand new HeliNord livery and a new interior.