Manufactured year 2000
Call sign -
Serial number 1062

Registration history

SE-JDT (? - Now)
F-WWPT (? - Now)

Type history

Eurocopter EC 120B Colibri

Operator history

STORM Heliworks (? - Now)
Scandinavian Helicopter Group AB (? - Now)
Heliflyg AB (? - Now)
Jämtlands Aero AB (? - Now)
Osterman Helicopter AB (? - Now)
Northern Helicopters (? - Now)


SE-JDT was ordered by the company Heliflyg AB in 1999. It was constructed later the same year and got the registration F-WWPT for test flight purposes. The helicopter was flown to Sweden and Heliflygs base in Borlänge in the spring of 2000. A few months later the company Osterman Helicopter AB's owner Scandinavian Helicopter Group acquired Heliflyg AB and united the two companies. The helicopter never got repainted, but they removed the Heliflyg logotype and replaced it with an Osterman Heli logotype in the same size.

Jämtlands Aero
The helicopter was sold to Jämtlands Aero AB, based in Järpen, west of Östersund in 2003. However, in February 2004 Osterman Helicopter opened cooperation with Jämtlands Aero AB, which made them responsible for the company's operational and technical management. In other words, SE-JDT was back in Osterman's operations again.

Scandinavian Helicopter Group
SE-JDT was acquired by Scandinavian Helicopter Group AB on 14 October 2004. It was repainted in the spring of 2005 and was given a brand new corporate interior.

The helicopter was leased to the flight school Northern Helicopters from October of 2009 and forward. It was purchased by Northern Helicopters in August of 2011.

Flight Training
The aircraft was used for flight training at the flight school's Jönköping facility, operating parallel to Schweizer 300s, Cabri G2s, a Jet Ranger, a Robinson R44, AS350 and AS355 throughout the years. The fleet was refined over the years, consisting of Cabri G2s as the core aircraft.

In 2013 Northern Helicopters moved its flight school from Jönköping to Gothenburg. The new fleet consisted of Cabri 2s, this EC120 and one AS355 for instrument training.

SE-JDT was repainted into an all-white livery in late 2014.

The flight school went through several transformations in 2015, including a parallel focus in aerial works, a swap from Cabris to Robinson R44s and a gradual relocation to Roskilde Airport in Denmark.

SE-JDT was offered for sale by Savback Helicopters in late 2015, with approximately 5250 hours of total time at that time.

STORM Heliworks
The helicopter was purchased by STORM Heliworks around Christmas 2015. It was, once again, stationed in Östersund - the same place where it started its Swedish career some 15 years ago.