Manufactured year 2006
Call sign -
Serial number 11247

Registration history

SE-JJG (? - Now)

Type history

Robinson R44 Clipper II

Operator history

STORM Heliworks (? - Now)
Helicopter Assistance AB (? - Now)
Örebro Helikopter AB (? - Now)
Helicopter Assistance (? - Now)
iTell Helicopters AB (? - Now)
Copterflyg (? - Now)
Copterflyg AB (? - Now)


This helicopter was imported to Sweden from the US in June 2006. It's owned by the private company Örebro Helikopter and was operated by Helicopter Assistance AB for a few years. It was partly based at the owners private heliport quite near the airport in Örebro and partly in Helicopter Assistance’s hangar at Bromma Airport in Stockholm.

The aircraft was transferred into Copterflyg's fleet in early 2010. It was operated in close cooperation with iTell Helicopters.

SE-JJG was sold to a private company in Söderbärke in October 2012, and eventually left Copterflyg's fleet. Örebro Helikopter later replaced SE-JJG with the R44 SE-JNT.

SE-JJG was purchased by a private company in Funäsdalen in August 2014. It was incorporated in Copterflyg (STORM Heliworks) in September 2014.

In January 2016 STORM Heliworks was restructured into an operative company, and the jobs and helicopters in Copterflyg were gradually transferred to STORM.