Manufactured year 1966
Call sign -
Serial number 5265

Registration history

SE-JOK (? - Now)
EC-GIU (? - Now)
N12UH (? - Now)

Type history

Bell UH-1H (Bell 205)

Operator history

OY SubStyle Ltd (? - Now)
CoyotAir (? - Now)
Siemens Financial Services (owner) (? - Now)
Agrolentopalvelu (? - Now)
Agrolentopalvelu Oy (? - Now)


This aircraft was imported to Sweden in late May of 2006. It was originally constructed back in 1966 and spent its first years in the US military. It was converted from a D model to the more powerful H model. The helicopter became a civil US aircraft and was soon exported to Spain.

The 8400 hrs “young” work horse was flown to Sweden in late May 2006. It has been purchased by a Finnish owner via Malmskogens Aerocenter and will be used for agricultural operations, like manuring and lime-washing, in Finland.

SE-JOK was exported to the US in early 2017. It was cancelled from the Swedish register in February and obtained the American registration N353RC with Rotor Concepts in Lakeside, Arizona, a few days later.