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Established year 1989


Stockholm City Åkersberga Arlanda Airport


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Arlanda Helicopter offers various services with a range of single- and twin engine helicopters. The company has its main base in Åkersberga, moments north-east of Stockholm, but it frequently uses the floating helipad next to Gamla Stan in central Stockholm as well.


The name Arlanda Helicopter derived from old desires and requirements to have a professional helicopter company based at Stockholm-Arlanda Airport for shuttle service and taxi operations. Arlanda Helicopter maintained a service desk at Terminal 4 for a long time, and some of its helicopters used to be parked in a hangar at Apron J.

The company had main bases in Åkersberga and Gävle, but the operations were gradually transferred to Åkersberga Heliport.

Arlanda Helicopter operated a Bell 204 (SE-HVM) for sling-load operations between 1999 and 2001, but the helicopter was eventually sold to SWT Aero.

In 2006 Arlanda Helicopter established its own flight school, which had its main base in Gävle. The school offered various flight training, including instrument ratings through an own FNPT simulator. It also conducted some training for the Swedish Armed Forces.

AH Flight School opened a partnership with iTell Helicopters (later Scandinavian Helicopter Center) in mid 2014. iTell purchased AH Flight School's IFR simulator, and a Jet Ranger (SE-HKP) was soon moved to Västerås. This partnership was ended in early 2016, and "AH Flight School" was subsequently put on hold.

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