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Established year 2020




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Aerial Work


AB Skogsflyg Cassel Aero is one of the oldest active helicopter companies in Sweden. It is fully focused in agricultural works. Its main base is located at the airport in Örnsköldsvik, but its helicopters operate all over northern Sweden. The company has a full armada of advanced ground equipment that is specially adapted for the operations.


The company has been focused in two kinds of seasonal activities – the agricultural operations in the summers and ice reconnaissance tasks in the winters. The ice reconnaissance ops were carried out from the Swedish icebreakers for several decades. The long-lived winter operations ceased in 2004, due to the icebreakers new access to live high-resolution satellite images, which covered a larger surface than the helicopters could reach.

In September 2013 Cassel Aero added a Robinson R44 to its fleet. The helicopter is used for reindeer herding and forest/animal census operations.

Current Fleet