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Hummingbird Aviation Services (H-Bird Aviation Services AB) is a corporate fixed-wing and helicopter company with its headquarters and main base at Bromma Airport in Stockholm.

The company's helicopter division, established in 2009, is focused in charter operations, sightseeing and pilot training.

Its fixed-wing division, which was established back in 1991, offers corporate fixed-wing services and international intensive care transports.

Hummingbird Aviation Services was known as EastAir before the name was changed in May 2014. The company kept its existing Air Operator Certificate in the transition to the new name.


Hummingbird Aviation Services, formerly EastAir, has been involved in the corporate fixed-wing charter business since 1991. Its focus in helicopter aviation has increased gradually over the years. This was mainly through offering hangar space and technical assistance.

The company started private helicopter pilot training through a Registered Flight School (RF) on a Hughes 300 in the early 2000s.

EastAir started its helicopter division in June 2009. A helicopter training organization, EastAir Helicopter Academy (EHA), was established the same year. EHA offered private pilot training (PPL-H) in the beginning, but its selection was later expanded with commercial pilot training (CPL-H) in cooperation with Flight Crew Training Sweden AB.

EastAir's commercial helicopter division went through a major reconstruction in the autumn of 2013. The helicopter operations were stalled for two months as the company adopted a new structure with a new flight operations manager (Seth Olofsson), a new quality manager (Sören Fagerberg) and a new crew training manager (Martin Johansson). The operations were resumed in November 2013.

EastAir changed name to Hummingbird Aviation Services in May 2014. The company maintained EastAir's Air Operator Certificate and fleet, but with the new name.

Hummingbird Aviation Services added an H120 Colibri to its fleet in May 2016. The aircraft, SE-JEP, had previously been operated by a flight school in Gothenburg. A second EC120, SE-JXP, was added a year later.

In April 2017 Hummingbird Aviation Services and Stockholms Helikoptertjänst opened a partnership in order to increase their redundancy as well as to facilitate specialized operations and commercial air transport for the two companies. This due to the companies' distinct focus in their respective business area. As a result of this, two EC120s from H-bird were added to SHTAB's fleet and SHTAB's EC120 was added to H-bird's fleet.

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