Roslagens Helikopterflyg

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Established year 1972


Norrtälje Tärnaby


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Roslagens Helikopterflyg is an old helicopter company located at Mellingeholm Airfield in Norrtälje. It is the Swedish agent for Enstrom Helicopters and offers a wide range of flight training through its flight school Proflight Nordic AB.

The company is focused in various operations, like water sampling, taxi, sightseeing, inventory operations and photographic flights.


Roslagens Helikopterflyg was established back in the early-70s. It gained the sales agency for Enstrom Helicopter Corporation in Sweden, with Ostermans Aero representing the manufacturer in the rest of the Scandinavian countries.

Roslagens Helikopterflyg was initially stationed in Rimbo, but it later moved to Norrtälje.

In 2004 Roslagens Helikopterflyg entered a training partnership with the Piteå company Kallax Flyg. The two companies started a joint flight school, called Proflight Nordic. The school came to be responsible for all of the two companies' flight training, including instrument training (IR).

Roslagens Helikopterflyg did a gradual transition to Bell Jet/Long Ranger helicopters in the mid-00s (starting with SE-HON), but some Enstrom helicopters were kept.

In September 2009 a Jet Ranger was stolen from the company's hangar and used for a spectacular heist at a cash depot in Stockholm. The helicopter was unharmed and it returned to service, following extensive maintenance checks, shortly thereafter.

In 2013 Roslagens Helikopterflyg opened a partnership with the sales company Tärnaby Hemavan Helicopter AB (officially branded "Tärnabyheli"). Tärnabyheli operates a Jet Ranger from its base in Tärnaby through Roslagens Helikopterflyg.

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