Manufactured year 1960
Call sign -
Serial number 274

Registration history

SE-HCF (? - Now)
OY-HAA (? - Now)

Type history

Agusta Bell 47G-2

Operator history

Private owner (? - Now)
Lapplandsflyg AB (? - Now)


This aircraft was constructed by Agusta in 1960. It became the very first civil helicopter to be registered in Denmark, and came to be operated in the country as OY-HAA for four years.

The aircraft was purchased by the Swedish company Lapplandsflyg AB in 1964. The company, which had its main base in Porjus, used the helicopter for various operations in the mountain world. The aircraft was involved in a couple of accidents in 1968, but it was repaired both times.

It was hired to the Swedish police between 1971 and 1972 but was later returned to Lapplandsflyg (which had moved its main base to Umeå at this time).

SE-HCF was involved in an accident in September 1977, when its main rotor struck the ground during a landing. The helicopter was repaired and it was soon sold to Fislflyg AB in Porjus (in 1980). The helicopter became Fiskflyg's first helicopter.

The aircraft was damaged in an accident in September 1982, when its tail rotor hit the ground in Ritsemjokk. It was stored in Lapplandsflyg's hangar in Umeå for 30 years before it was sold to a private person in Stockholm in October 2012.