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Fiskflyg is as a third-generation family aviation firm located in the heart of Lapland. The company has its own technical department and administrative staff located at the main base in Porjus (between Gällivare and Jokkmokk), and operates a large fleet of Bell and Airbus helicopters.

The helicopters are relocated from the Porjus base to the various bases in the mountains in the summer. The main summer base is Stora Sjöfallet, which is located in the Laponian area (an UNESCO World Heritage Site), but the company is operating from Ritsem and Kvikkjokk as well.

A large part of Fiskflygs business is to fly hunters, hikers and fishermen to the remote mountain areas in northern Sweden. The company offers a great portion of utility services as well, including sling load operations, reindeer mustering, water dropping and power line inspections.

Fiskflyg holds a seasonal shuttle traffic route between Ritsem-Kutjaure-Staloluokta. The operation is maintained from early-July to late-August each year.

Fiskflyg's air operations are managed through the joint company Rotor Service Norden, which is administered in partnership with Heli i Arjeplog.


In August of 1942 the Lundkvist brothers established a company concentrated in boat transports and fishing. The first airplane, a Republic Sea-Bee, was acquired in 1953. The business went on with a great number of airplanes for decades.

The company purchased their first two rotary wing aircraft in 1980 - first an Agusta-Bell 47 G-2 (SE-HCF) and later a G-4 model (SE-HPA). The helicopters were so successful that Fiskflyg purchased a third Bell 47 (SE-HCC) the next year.

The company leased a Ecureuil helicopter (SE-HKG) from Roslagens Helikopterflyg for a short period of time.

In 1981 Fiskflyg acquired their first own turbine helicopter, a Jet Ranger named SE-HII. The helicopter type was well suited for the companys activities. A second Jet Ranger was purchased in 1987 (SE-HOM). The whole business was eventually replaced by helicopters, the Bell 47s sold and, in 1990, the company purchased a Bell Long Ranger (SE-HVI). The new helicopter was a great complement to the two Jet Rangers, and Fiskflyg successfully operated the fleet for 13 years before a new helicopter was acquired (the Colibri SE-JHT).

2006 the company expanded the fleet with an additional Colibri (SE-JJF) and with increased demand for better capacity the latest addition to the fleet, a Eurocopter AS 350 B3 (SE-HJP) was obtained in 2009.

Following Lapplandsflyg's retirement in 2012 Fiskflyg opened a permanent summer base in Kvikkjokk, with daily shuttle tours between Kvikkjokk-Tarreluobbal-Staloluokta. It started its regional business with a leased Long Ranger (SE-HTR).

In December 2012 Fiskflyg expanded its fleet by importing a Bell 206L-3 Long Ranger (SE-HVJ) from Japan.

In the spring of 2013 Fiskflyg moved its booking cabin from Ritsem to Kvikkjokk and build a brand new booking facility in Ritsem.

In late 2014 Fiskflyg and Heli i Arjeplog established Rotor Service Norden, a joint operating department through which the two companies' commercial air transports came to be administered. Heli i Arjeplog and Fiskflyg both kept their own national aerial work permits. The aerial work segment was incorporated in Rotor Service Norden in late 2015.

In 2016 Fiskflyg acquired Arctic Air's activities in Kvikkjokk, which lead to an increase in Fiskflyg's regional operations.

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