Manufactured year 1980
Call sign -
Serial number 45444

Registration history

SE-HKR (? - Now)

Type history

Bell 206L-1 Long Ranger II

Operator history

HeliNord Norden AB (? - Now)
Osterman Helicopter AB (? - Now)
Arlanda Helicopter AB (? - Now)
Private owner (? - Now)
Ostermans Aero AB (? - Now)


This helicopter was constructed in the US back in 1980. It came to Sweden in June the same year, purchased and imported by the Bell helicopter dealer Ostermans Aero AB. The aircraft was involved in operations in Greenland the same year, and it had a minor accident in December the same year.

Ostermans Aero sold SE-HKR to the Swedish Maritime Administration (Sjöfartsverket) in the spring of 1982. It was purchased in order to serve the organization with various support jobs, and it was kept on Ostermans Aeros’ operative license in a joint venture. The Maritime Administration mainly used the aircraft for lighthouse inspections and transportation tasks for the next 17 years, but it was also used in Ostermans Aero’s daily operations.

In 1991 Ostermans Aero sold its helicopter operations in Stockholm to a company by the similar name Osterman Helicopter (OHAB). Ostermans Aero decided to lay all its focus in its maintenance and broker activities. The hand-over was done in October the same year.

SE-HKR was not transferred to Osterman Helicopter’s operations until February 1993. It was later moved to the parent company Osterman Helicopter i Göteborg AB.

In 1994 SE-HKR participated in the well-known Forbo Forshaga floor commercial that was broadcasted on TV and in magazines for many years. The helicopter got a temporary yellow Forbo Forshaga livery for the filming, and OHAB got a special permission to drag a water skier over the water for the job.

The helicopter was operated in Stockholm for many years, before the Swedish Maritime Administration sold SE-HKR to the company Arlanda Helicopter AB. The helicopter was repainted to an all-blue livery with golden stripes, which was consistent with the rest of its current Bell helicopter fleet. The helicopter was operated from Arlanda Helicopter’s main base in Åkersberga for many years, and it was mainly used for taxi and lighter utility works.

SE-HKR was sold to the private owner Holmenco AB in November 1999, but it remained operated by Arlanda Helicopter. SE-HKR was exchanged for the Long Ranger SE-HUC in 2004, which brought SE-HKR back to Arlanda Helicopter’s ownership. Both helicopters were identically painted and they both operated out of Åkersberga Heliport.

SE-HKR was sold to a private owner in northern Sweden in April 2011. It remained in private usage for the next five years years, before it was put on lease to HeliNord Norden AB from July 2016 and onwards. HeliNord was operating a large fleet of Bell helicopters at that time.