Manufactured year 1989
Call sign -
Serial number 51310

Registration history

SE-HUC (? - Now)

Type history

Bell 206L-3 Long Ranger III

Operator history

Private owner (? - Now)
Arlanda Helicopter AB (? - Now)
Osterman Helicopter AB (? - Now)
Arlanda Helicopter (? - Now)
Stockholms Helikoptertjänst (? - Now)
Stockholms Helikoptertjänst AB (? - Now)


This aircraft was constructed by Bell back in 1989 and was imported to Sweden by Ostermans Aero AB the same year. It was sold to a private company in southern Stockholm at once, but was involved in an accident in Eskilstuna a few months later. The flight controls were blocked by a passenger which resulted in a hard landing.
The helicopter was fully repaired by Ostermans Aero and once airworthy the helicopter was sold to Wiklunds Åkeri AB, which leased the helicopter to Helicopter Assistance AB.

The helicopter was operated by Osterman Helicopter from time to time between 1994 and 1998, but was still owned by Wiklunds Åkeri.

It entered service with Arlanda Helicopter in 2001 and was repainted into an all-blue livery (looking just the same as SE-HKR).

The helicopter was mainly used for passenger operations, but was also used for sling load operations, filming and various utility tasks. It was mainly based at the company's main heliport in Åkersberga, north-east of Stockholm.

It was sold to a private company in 2004, but remained in service with Arlanda Helicopter for six more years. The long and faithful service with Arlanda Helicopter was cancelled in mid-2010, after nine years in the company.

SE-HUC was transferred to the fleet of Stockholms Helikoptertjänst AB in late-June of 2010. It was uused for various operations, including power line inspection, thermal imaging operations, aerial filming, etc.

Exported to Spain
The helicopter left the company's fleet in late April 2017. The private owner replaced SE-HUC with the EC120 SE-JRV. SE-HUC was exported to Spain in late 2017. It went through an extensive refurbishment, with some new avionics, new corporate interior, new windows and new exterior painting in white and pearl metallic blue and red. It was formally cancelled from the Swedish registry in July 2018. Following the refurbishment, the 4670-hour helicopter was once again offered for sale, now located in Madrid.