Manufactured year 1981
Call sign -
Serial number 51-0987D

Registration history

SE-HLR (? - Now)

Type history

Hughes 369D

Operator history

Polarhelikopter AB (? - Now)
SAAB Helikopter AB (? - Now)
Private owner (? - Now)
Laroy Flyg AB (? - Now)
Unknown (? - Now)


This helicopter left the Hughes factory in May 1981 and was exported to Sweden as SE-HLR. It was purchased by the Hughes dealer SAAB-Scania AB in Linköping and soon sold to the lime-wash company Laroy Flyg AB. Laroy operated the helicopter for nearly ten years before it was returned to SAAB in 1990.

SAAB sold the helicopter to Norway in 1990, but the helicopter hardly spent a year as LN-OSR before it returned to SAAB. It was registered SE-HLR once again and made a short journey to Boden where it was used by Kali Helikopter AB for a month (before it was replaced by SE-JAR).
SAAB then sold the helicopter to Kiruna based Polarhelikopter AB in 1994 - a company that was focused in aerial works and tourism in the most northern parts of Sweden. It was active in the region for six years together with a sister ship (SE-JCH) before they were replaced by two highly modern EC 120 Colibri helicopters (SE-JHA and SE-JHB).

SE-HLR was exported to Germany in 2001. It was purchased by Deutscher Helikopter Dienst at Ochtendung. The helicopter was severely damagad in a crash at Meinerzhagen, in western Germany, caused by an engine failure. The pilot survived the accident.