Manufactured year 1966
Call sign -
Serial number 2511

Registration history

SE-HPA (? - Now)

Type history

Bell 47G-4

Operator history

Private owner (? - Now)
Swedish Police Wing (? - Now)


This aircraft was imported brand new from the Agusta factory in Italy back in 1966. It entered service with the National Police as “Polis 941” at once. The aircraft became the first police owned helicopter and was a replacement for the leased Bell 47 SE-HDP that was lost in a tragic fatal crash at Lästringe church a year earlier.

SE-HPA was sold to the Bell dealer Ostermans Aero AB in 1979, which sold the helicopter to the well-established 30 years old fixed-wing company AB Fiskflyg in Porjus. It became the second Bell 47 in their fleet (after SE-HCF) and was soon joined by a turbine-engine Jet Rangers. As a second Jet Ranger (SE-HOM) was acquired SE-HPA was sold to a private owner in Stockholm.

SE-HPA is currently undergoing a private restoration treatment. The aim is to get it airworthy and flying, and that goal is very near.