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Established year 2020
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Porjus Arjeplog Stora Sjöfallet Ritsem Tjärnberg Kiruna Björkliden Kvikkjokk


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Rotor Service Norden AB is a joint venture between Fiskflyg and Heli i Arjeplog. The company operates the commercial air transports and aerial work for the two companies, and administers a joint air operator certificate.


The company was established in the autumn of 2014, as Fiskflyg and Heli i Arjeplog joined forces and established a mutual AOC holder for the operations of the two companies' commercial air transports. The head office came to be co-located with Fiskflyg's main base in Porjus. The companies' two aerial work segments were incorporated in Rotor Service Norden in late 2015.

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