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Established year 1992


Arjeplog Tjärnberg Björkliden Kiruna


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Heli i Arjeplog AB has its focus set in tourism and aerial works. It operates from a main base in the heart of Arjeplog, and has field bases in Tjärnberg, Björkliden and Kiruna. The company runs an own fishing camp at Miekak, about 50 km north of the Arctic Circle, in the middle of the beautiful mountain region near the Norwegian border.

Heli i Arjeplog's air operations are managed through the joint company Rotor Service Norden, which is administered in partnership with Fiskflyg.


Heli i Arjeplog has its roots in the old company Turistflyg i Arjeplog, which was established in the 60's by David Sundström, Per Dahlberg, Per-Axel Andersson. The company was acquired by the Linköping company Heli AB in 1985-1986, and got incorporated in the joint venture Heliflyg in 1988.
The Arjeplog division was made independent in 1992 (Heliflyg i Arjeplog), as Mr Rolf Sundberg took over after several years as a pilot in the company. It took the new name Heli i Arjeplog AB.

The company has been focused in the Ecureuil helicopter, but it has previously operated both Hughes 500 and Eurocopter EC120.

Heli i Arjeplog AB acquired HeliNord's base in 2011, from where it came to offer seasonal Heli Ski tours in partnership with local ski guides.

In 2011 Heli i Arjeplog purchased a pre-owned AS350BA (SE-JGV), which came to be used for the newly established Heli Ski operations in Björkliden. It was later moved to the main base in Arjeplog, where it joined the company's B2 SE-JKB.

In late 2014 Heli i Arjeplog and Fiskflyg established Rotor Service Norden, a joint operating department through which the two companies' commercial air transports came to be administered. Fiskflyg and Heli i Arjeplog both kept their own national aerial work permits. The aerial work segment was incorporated in Rotor Service Norden in late 2015.

In 2015 Heli i Arjeplog opened a partnership with Arctic Heli, a sales company focused in fishing and hunting trips in the wilderness around Kiruna. The new partnership meant that Heli AB opened a base at the Máttárahkká camp in Kiruna.

In June 2015 Heli i Arjeplog purchased an AS350B3+ (SE-JIU) from Cassel Aero in order to ramp up its fleet.

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