Swedish Armed Forces Helicopter Wing

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Kallax (Luleå) Malmen (Linköping) Kallinge (Ronneby)


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The Helicopter Wing is a joint helicopter unit in the Swedish Armed Forces. The detachment is subordinated the Air Force but serves the Army, Navy and Air Force equally. The wing is designated Försvarsmaktens Helikopterflottilj in Swedish, or simply Helikopterflottiljen (Hkpflj).

The headquarter of the unit is located at the Malmslätt Air Station in Linköping. Its organisation consists of four bases spread throughout three squadrons:
1.hkpskv at F21 Kallax (Luleå)
2.hkpskv at Malmslätt (Linköping)
3.hkpskv at F17 Kallinge (Ronneby)

Fleet The Helicopter Wing is currently operating fifteen Black Hawks (HKP 16), twenty Agusta 109LUHs (HKP 15) and nearly eighteen NH90s (HKP 14). The NH90s have all been handed over by the manufacturer but some of them are currently undergoing retrofit programs.

On 17 December 2015 it was announced that the four delivered HKP14 A/B models were to be converted to F standard, boosting the total number of anti-submarine warfare helicopters from five to nine. On the same day, the first factory built F model was handed over from NHIndustries to the Swedish Materiel Administration. It was flown to Sweden the next day.

Current Fleet